Trevor & Sarah • She said YES!!!

This morning I had the opportunity to shoot my nephew Trevor and his girlfriend Sarah’s photographs. They initially set up a couple shoot. I then got a secret phone call from Trevor announcing his plans to propose.  It was overcast, cold and wet. Not ideal for family photos nor proposing. Well I am super happy to announce that she said yes. I’m extremely happy for you both and wish you years of continued happiness. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of you special moment.

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Strayer / Miller Wedding.

This past Saturday I had the honor of taking some photos of a wedding ceremony at The Ground Round in downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri. Here are just a few of the highlights.

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Mucho gusto, me llamo Bret.

I’m a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” kind of guy. Well I suppose that all depends on who you ask. I have a long lasting love of all things art. I’m a musician, photographer, videographer, designer, editor and most importantly a father. I was born and raised in Saint Joseph, MO during the extremely hot summer of 1980.

bret-yagerAfter graduating from Vatterott College with my diploma in Computer Technology in 2001, I immediately moved to Minneapolis, MN to attend Music Tech College (now McNally School of Music). I earned two A.A.S. Degrees from Music Tech. The first being in Music Business and the second in Motion Imaging. While in Minneapolis I was able to work with a ton of talented people on a wide variety of projects.

In 2011, I moved back to Saint Joseph and picked up where I left off in the Twin Cities. I am still active in the local music scene with my band Burnstyles as well as occupying various local open mic nights with my blend of non-sense. If you are interested in hiring me or working with me on a project, visit me via my Contact Page

“Do what you have to, to do what you want to.”


  • Smokey Bogart “Interstate Love Songs” 2007
  • Benkirkland “Benkirkland” 2012
  • Burnstyles “If There’s Smoke” 2013


  • Levitt 8 “The Two Fish Sessions” 2003
  • Nora Greenwald “Shooin’ The Shi… Crap” 2006
  • Blestenation “The Countdown” 2006
  • U.F.A. “Friekology” 2006
  • U.F.A. “Friekology Vol II” 2007
  • Jonah and the Whales “Live from Salida Depot” 2009
  • Nice Peter “Occupancy 75” 2010
  • Whitetail Junkies “Flatliners” 2012
  • Whitetail Junkies “Flatliners Vol 2 Code Red” 2013
  • Whitetail Junkies “No Intervention Needed” 2013


  • The Hounds of Bastardville “Self-Titled EP” 2011
  • Ben Constable “The Same Ole” Single 2011
  • Ben Constable “Lonesome Shadows” Single 2011
  • Benkirkland “Benkirkland” 2012
  • For The Sound “Versus an Versus” 2013
  • Burnstyles “If There’s Smoke…” 2013
  • Burnstyles “Ate Won Sicks” Single 2015
  • 13th Step “The Addiction” 2006
  • Blestenation “The Countdown” 2006
  • Blestenation “Contact” 2006
  • The Dirtball “My Show” 2007
  • 13th Step “Get Up” 2007
  • Buried by Hope “No Reflection” 2007
  • Bo Young “Bo Knows” 2008
  • The United Frieks of America “Rabbit” 2009
  • Werdplay “I Await” 2009
  • Nice Peter “I Fell Asleep On Her Boobs” 2009
  • Smokey Bogart “With My Friends” 2009
  • The DRP “The Real” 2010
  • David Hull “Pay Some Attention” 2010
  • A Criminal Risk “Brooklyn” 2010
  • The Hounds of Bastardville “Running Out of Lead” 2011
  • Ben Constable “The Same Ole” 2011
  • Wither The Tide “[Say Hello] To This Chemical” 2011
  • Get Dead “This One’s For Johnny” 2012
  • Get Dead “The Process” 2013
  • Knot Afrayed “Eyes of Tomorrow “2013”
  • Burnstyles “Arizona” 2014
  • Coy “One Time” 2015
  • Coy “Shine” 2016
  • Nuisance “Resystem” Lyric Video 2017



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