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Mucho gusto, Me llamo Bret.

I’m a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” kind of guy. Well I suppose that all depends on who you ask. I have a long lasting love of all things art. I’m a musician, photographer, videographer, designer, editor and most importantly a father. I was born and raised in Saint Joseph, MO during the extremely hot summer of 1980.


After graduating from Vatterott College with my diploma in Computer Technology in 2001, I immediately moved to Minneapolis, MN to attend Music Tech College (now McNally School of Music). I earned two A.A.S. Degrees from Music Tech. The first being in Music Business and the second in Motion Imaging. While in Minneapolis I was able to work with a ton of talented people on a wide variety of projects.


In 2011, I moved back to Saint Joseph and picked up where I left off in the Twin Cities. I am still active in the local music scene with my band's Burnstyles, Benkirkland, Violent Hymns, as well as occupying various local open mic nights with my blend of non-sense.

I'm currently producing and playing with the Saint Joseph based Kalani & The Mainlanders. We have a 3 song EP available and we are working on our debut album. 

“Do what you have to, to do what you want to.”